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Over 16 years of building stronger, more resilient businesses.


At Vantage, we provide you with peace of mind, confidence, certainty, and control by solving your critical business challenges. Whether you’re looking to solve a critical financial issue or scale your business, we can help.

We’ve completed over 170 successful engagements with a turnaround success rate of 85%, saving in excess of 19,600 jobs.


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Solutions for every stage of your business journey

Since 2005, we’ve worked with hundreds of SMEs and large companies to improve their business performance and sustainability. Depending on which phase your business is in we can deploy our Fast-Track or Turnaround Program.

Every business strives for growth. But growing too quickly can make you an unwilling victim of your own success. We can develop strategies that will enable you to grow your business in a measured, profitable and sustainable way.
When businesses stagnate or plateau, it can be difficult for management teams to reinvigorate the business. A fresh perspective can show you how to reignite the business, and help you rebuild and maintain growth momentum.
A business in decline or crisis is a real challenge and one we see every day. We really understand what you are going through. As Australia’s leading turnaround and performance improvement specialists, we have an enviable track record in developing innovative solutions to all manner of business challenges and then working with our clients to implement them.


Our Fast-Track program is designed to build stronger foundations and accelerate performance.

It’s a unique blend of tools and systems developed over our 20+ years of experience with those developed by world renowned experts in the fields of growth acceleration and business viability.


Our Turnaround program is designed to quickly stabilise your business, gain support of your key stakeholders, secure appropriate funding and return your business to profitable growth.

It’s a unique blend of experience and IP from 20+ years of delivering successful turnaround engagements. Talk to us today about which solution is right for you.

What's holding your business back?

We're experts in solving the critical challenges caused by economic or industry changes, rapid growth or business underperformance.

Whatever challenges your business is facing, we’ll work tirelessly to find an appropriate solution.

We have strong professional values which form the foundation of our approach and drive everything we do.

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Our success stories

At Vantage Performance, we're very proud of the work we do in helping management teams improve the performance of their businesses. You can read some of our success stories here.

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